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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Blue-to Pink- A tale of changing colors

Sree Atul, 2 years and 2 months, is a live wire boy whose parents are peasants in Amravati, Maharashtra.  Their ordeal began few months after his birth and gradually leads to worsening of everything concerned about his development. He could not breath well, any simple actions like crawling, walking few feet, he started to become distinctly uncomfortable, bluish in his fingertips and tongue.  Gradually parents noticed that he was delayed in his motor developments as well. In the middle of this predicament, his sprightly attitude was the only remarkable attribute that made them happier.
They knocked on doors of several institutions for addressing his ailment. Most of investigations revealed that the baby had a large hole in the heart and his artery carrying the blue blood to the lungs for purification were smaller. He came to our attention 2 months back and by that time the symptoms were fairly advanced. His color varied from deep blue to violet.  He was having repeated episodes of altered sensorium and semi-consciousness lasting several minutes.  He was on high doses of medication to keep him from turning bluer.
Our investigations revealed much more complex heart defect than what was made out to be. He was, in fact, having only one pumping chamber in the heart and the valve inside the heart was actually straddling the muscular portion of the partition between the chambers. (In medical jargon, he was having a Uni-Ventricular Heart with straddling Atrio-ventricular Valve, severe pulmonary stenosis). Earlier diagnosis from several other institutions was that he was having Tetralogy of Fallot (a large hole in the heart with reduction of blood flow to the lungs, a relatively common and simpler problem).
3rd July 2010 was a defining moment in Sree’s life. He underwent an emergency major open-heart surgery (Bi-Directional Glenn with Atrial septectomy) and the sliver lining was his recovery after the procedure. He recovered very fast in the next 6 hours after surgery and started feeding next day morning.
As providence would have it, Her Excellency, Hon’ble President of India, Ms. Pratibha Patil came to inaugurate our hospital. She was kind and compassionate enough to visit Sree and enquire about his health. She was pleasantly surprised to hear that they were from her own native place. After expressing her satisfaction about his surgery and his swift recovery, she comforted the mother and the child and left. The parents were filled with deep joy and gratitude towards Madam President and are still nostalgic about their meeting with the President and also at the way Sree has recovered.
Currently Sree is playful, active and alert. Now he is a pink boy with slight bluish tinge that would disappear completely after his next operation. He is exploring the ward with no assistance while playing with the other children. He is about to head for home and he is looking forward to be in the middle of his familiar surroundings. Parents are finally relieved that he will be able to play like any other child in the village. 

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