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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Reborn at 15 days of Life

Baby Dhanusree was born on 30th of June at Karad. The parents were overjoyed to see the baby and went home with the newborn 5 days later. In a few days the parents noticed that the child was breathing too fast and they brought it to the attention of the attending doctors. Before long the local cardiologist and surgeon made a preliminary diagnosis. The child was diagnosed to have a complex congenital heart disease called Obstructed Total anomalous Pulmonary Venous Connection. It is a disease that requires complex cardiac care from a tertiary care centre.     Essentially the baby had a complex problem. All the vessels that were coming from lungs to the heart were connected to the right side of the heart. Normally the blood after getting purified and oxygenated gets back to the left side of the heart and then it is pumped to all over the body. In this neonate, the blood was going back to the lungs over and over. Moreover the tube that was taking the blood to the right side of the heart was obstructed, thereby causing very high pressures in the lungs.
These complex anomalies pose a grave threat to life if not treated early. In fact half of them do not survive up to 3 months of age and most of them would have succumbed by 1 year of age.
The parents being medical professionals – father is an Ayurvedic doctor and the mother is a nurse – were distraught but did not give up hope. The child was referred to Dr. Kole Cardiac Research Centre, Kolhapur and subsequently, the baby was shifted to SevenHills Hospital for further management in view of the low weight and age of the baby. That timely help and guidance perhaps was providential for the baby as he was referred to SevenHills Hospital and was operated on 15th July.
After connecting this 2.4 Kg baby to the heart lung machine, surgeons joined the vessels back to the left side of the heart and disconnected the connection from the right side of the heart. In addition a small hole in the heart (Atrial Septal Defect) and also a large communication (PDA) were closed.
In addition, baby recovered swiftly thanks to the necessary infrastructural and human resource support at the institute. Normally these babies take 5-6 days to recover fully and this baby took just half the time and today he is in the ward in his mother’s arms. The baby is to be discharged in another 5 days after removing the sutures.
The parents are happy to note that the baby would not require any medications / restrictions in terms of diet / fluid / activities after going home. Over and above, the baby perhaps does not require any other interventions concerning heart in his life.
For the young couple just starting their family it was a boon to them that the surgery could be done in the state of Maharashtra with such state of art facilities and a team of exclusive doctors at such an affordable cost. For the cardiac team at SevenHills, it is a pleasure that they could be of timely help to the tiny tot and to his parents.
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