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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


 -Dr. Ganesh Bingewar
Consultant Dermatologist and Hair Transplant surgeon
MD, DDV, Dip. Dermatology [UK]

“By latest technique called Pen Implantation or No-Touch Technique one can achieve a good density with natural appearing look”

    Baldness is a very common problem now increasingly seen among younger boys and girls. More than half of the population suffers from the most prevalent form of hair loss known as male or female pattern alopecia.
Hair loss can be caused by heredity, stress, vitamin deficiency, crash dieting, fever, hormonal imbalance [thyroidal], fungal, bacterial infections etc, which can be investigated and treated with proper medication.
But when hair loss becomes more advanced to grade III [40 % hair lost] Hair Transplantation[HT] is the only permanent treatment for baldness.
In 1952 a dermatologist, Dr Norman Orantreich, in New York City invented the hair transplant [HT] surgery. Since the then HT underwent many refinement and fine processing from macro, mini grafts, flap surgeries to today modern days concept of FOLLICULAR UNIT [FU] Transplantation.

The latest method in Hair Transplantation is Pen Implantation or No – Touch Technique, is used by SevenHills Hospital.

What is Hair Transplant? [HT]
It is surgical procedure in which Hair are taken from the donor area usually from back of scalp and prepared under stereo microscopes as follicular units and these tiny grafts are implanted into the balding area.
The whole procedure is painless and done under local anesthesia and grafts are placed in such a way that frontal hairline looks natural, dense with normal angle and curvature of the hair.
It is primarily used for male pattern baldness but can be used for areas like eyebrow, eyelash and scar correction in beard area.

How does HT works?
Baldness is always seen mainly on frontal and top of head because these hairs have sensitive Androgen Receptors [AR] and are gradually lost under hormonal influence. But hair on side and lower back of head are always preserved even in advanced balding stage due to absent of AR, so these hairs are chosen for HT which are naturally permanent .
What are methods for HT

HT is done by mainly two methods either using Follicular Unit Transplantation [FUT] or Follicular Unit Extraction [FUE]
In FUT/ strip method small strips are taken from back or sides of your head. The donor area is carefully closed using latest Trychophytic Sutures. Transplant Doctor then carefully under Stereo- Microscope make strips into slivers and our highly trained surgical team then divides slivers into tiny grafts under microscope as Follicular Units [FU]. The [FU] /tiny grafts are implanted into the bald area using lateral slit technique using very fine customized minute blades.
In FUE Method FU are directly taken from back of scalp by manually with tiny punch or with micro motor and grafted in bald area.
Hair line is designed in such way that looks natural. Maximum hair density is given in frontal hair line, and central forelock and temporal angle and lateral hump created. So results of FU grafted by experienced and trained Hair transplant surgeon are almost natural and dense.
PEN Implantation or No Touch Method 

Once follicular units [FU] are isolated by any one of the above method, placement of graft in bald area is done with this newest technique.
This novel technique is from South Korea in which Pen like instrument is used for placing Follicular units [FU] in recipient area.
 It helps in less handling of graft, less trauma, less bleeding and higher density in balding area. With pen precise hair direction, hair angle and more natural look can be achieved in single sitting.
At SevenHills Hospital, Dr Ganesh Bingewar a pioneer in India for this pen technique says , HT is 50% of science and 50% of art as procedure demands excellent surgical skill, artistic approach, enormous patience and practice. One also requires similar skill with precision in entire supportive staff as team.
He took special training for this Pen Implantation technique in South Korea and United Kingdom, and uses this method for HT with routinely other conventional like FUT, FUE to achieve best results.
Routinely we are performing 2500-3000 FU [5500-6500 hairs] grafts in single sitting by this pen implantations method avoiding unnecessary visit, time and money of patients, says Dr Ganesh.
HT requires Operation Theatre of International standards, Stereoscopic magnifiers, micro instruments, chilled solution for grafts, cold light through the procedure and highly trained staff.
Dr Ganesh Bingewar is a Consultant Dermatologist & Hair Transplant Surgeon at SevenHills Hospital, Andheri East, Mumbai and has completed his fellowship in Hair Transplantation in South Korea.

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