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Saturday, December 29, 2012

“A New You in the New Year”

A brand New Year is coming, so why not make a brand new you to match? People tend to over - indulge during the long festive period, so change the way you think, in order to change the way you look
Start with some personal responsibilities like;

      Food Check!
·         Binge Drinking! Alert!
·         Can you not resist sweets?
·         Weight Issues?
·         Healthy Diet Plans?

Tips that really do work to help you along the way!

Healthy food provides essential properties for sustainable weight loss & acts as an appetite suppressant, keeping you full and satisfied. Eating easily digestible protein sources, such as fish, chicken, eggs; helps you a lot. Regularly eat small portions of healthy snacks like raw carrot, cherries and watch your weight drop off!

More coming soon…

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