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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

"Mobile Phones And Your Health"

Cell phones communicate using signals in the microwave spectrum. The invisible stream of RF (radio frequency) signals penetrate our bodies when the device is held close, and as well as the long-term potential for cancer, there is also the potential to impact cognitive memory functions and to cause disorientation and dizziness.

In recent years, public fears over the radiation emitted from cell phones have led to several theories about the health conditions this radiation might engender. Almost invariably, the assertions that the use of cell phones may lead to a higher risk of brain cancer.

Protect Yourself when Using a Cell Phone.
  1. Limit phone calls to 6 minutes maximum, which is the time the body needs to adjust. Use a hands-free kit and hold the phone more than 20/30cm away from your body in order to limit the impact of radiation on yourself. 
  2. Do not carry your phone directly on your body, even on stand-by, and do not use it less than one meter away from another person, in order to reduce the effect of 'passive' radiation.         
  3. Those under 15 should not use a mobile phone at all because they are still growing. With their lighter body weight the radiation is more damaging, especially to the brain, weakening the Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB), and to the reproductive organs/ovaries, etc.                       
  4. Any elderly person should be discouraged from using a mobile phone, (the radiation will weaken their organism further), and any pregnant woman.
  5. Use the phone only in conditions of optimum reception: do not use it in a confined space such as an elevator, basement, underground station etc.
  6. Do not use the phone while you are in a moving vehicle, including the train, bus, etc, since its antenna will be constantly scanning for contact using the maximum signal strength, and the radiation from both incoming and outgoing signal will be intensified.
  7. Do not keep a mobile phone beside the bed at night switched on, because even when on stand-by it is in contact with the nearest phone mast and emits radiation at regular intervals.  
  8. Use of a mobile phone should be avoided by anyone who has any metallic object in or on their head, whether magnetic or not, such as amalgam fillings and dental bridges, metal plates, screws, clips, body ornaments, earrings or metal framed glasses. The same is true for those with walking frames, wheelchairs or metal crutches, so as to avoid increasing radiation by the phenomena of reflection, amplification, resonance, passive re-emission, etc.        
  9. Make as many phone calls as possible using landlines which emit no radiation, and which can often be used for free and for unlimited time via the Internet, even for phone calls abroad.

Do children have a higher risk of developing cancer due to cell phone use than adults?
In theory, children have the potential to be at greater risk than adults for developing brain cancer from cell phones. Their nervous systems are still developing and therefore more vulnerable to factors that may cause cancer. Their heads are smaller than those of adults and therefore have a greater proportional exposure to the field of radio frequency radiation that is emitted by cell phones. And children have the potential of accumulating more years of cell phone exposure than adults do.

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