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Thursday, January 3, 2013

"43-yr-old shepherd makes an electric recovery"

For the rest of his life, Yakub Asamdi will be more notably known as the one who cheated death. The one who survived despite the odds stacked up against him - major cardiac arrest and 17 direct current (DC) shocks applied to revive his heart.
The 43-year-old shepherd of Aarey Colony was bought in unconscious to the SevenHills Hospital over a month ago after he suffered a major cardiac arrest, caused by a complete blockage of an artery.
“We had to give him 17 DC shocks to revive his heart. The heart regained its pumping ability only after 35 minutes of doing so. With the passing of the time, we even thought that we had lost him. But, Asamdi survived miraculously,” explains Dr. Anuj Clerk, critical care consultant at SevenHills Hospital.
When their efforts started to bear fruit, the doctors then proceeded to conduct a primary angioplasty on him.
“We initially thought that he may not regain consciousness, but then his blood pressure started improving. He required a month’s hospitalization,” adds Dr. Clerk.
Asamdi’s recovery took even his family by surprise. “We thought we had lost him as he remained unconscious for 11 days after his procedure,” recalls Mohsin, a cousin. Asamdi returned home towards the end of December last year.
Doctor say Asamdi’s case is a lesson on how treatment within the golden hour can help save lives. “If his family has delayed bringing him to the hospital, we wouldn’t have been able to save him,” says Dr. Clerk.
Experts say one in every 20 Mumbaikars over the age of 40 suffers from a coronary heart disease. Seventy-five percent of such cases go undetected till the person suffers a heart attack.
At present, there are 3 lakh residents who suffer from a heart disease in the city. Doctors blame lifestyle, stress and pollution for the spurt in the number of people with heart problems in Mumbai.

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