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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Secret tips to protect your skin this HOLI

This video talks about the special tips from expert Dermatologist, Dr Ganesh Bhingewar from SevenHills Hospital on the occasion of HOLI.

It mentions about the preparations required to protect our skin and hair before holi, according to Dr. Ganesh, people should start preparing our skin by moisturizing our skin and oiling our hair which should be done from 7 days prior to holi, it mentions that on the day of holi, your skin should be thickly layered with a moisturizer and your hair should be layered with oil to protect your skin, moreover Dr ganesh suggests how to remove colour after playing holi, he advises that it should be first removed by cold or luke warm water and not use hot water to drain off colour, after which a mild face wash should be used, any excess color if any which is not going off even after face wash should not be scrubbed or rubbed as it may cause redness and irritation, it should be just removed with a baby soap or a mild face wash.

Dr Ganesh also talks about the do's and Don't's of Holi, like you should never try to remove color with turpentine oil, Greece or petrol as it causes skin damage, he also suggests that if anyone has skin irritation or burning then one should first apply moisturizer or calamine lotion and if it persists then one should consult the dermatologist immediately.

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