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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Testimonial for TUBA

I am 26 year old woman from UAE . Had heard about the scar-less method of breast augmentation . After seeing an advertisement, I went to visit a surgeon in London where my sister lives. It turned out that this surgeon had not yet performed the TUBA operation and had only recently come across this advanced technique. Instead , he tried to convince me to have the implants through incisions under the breast folds. Because I scar badly, I decided to stick to my original plan to have the Trans-umbilical breast augmentation ( TUBA ) procedure, which is done thru an incision hidden inside the bellybutton.

I was always embarrased about flat chest, and found it hard to find clothes that fit the bottom as well as the top. Dress size is 10 but the top always appears empty .

Had done internet search about this method of breast enlargement done through a tiny scar hidden inside the navel. Found Dr. Zachariah at SevenHills Hospital  in Mumbai, India. He was kind enough to talk to me on the phone and seemed very experienced and knowledgeable about this procedure.

After securing a visa to India was in a plane to mumbai. The staff at SevenHills Hospital were very kind and efficient, and the accomodations were like a five - star hotel.

Dr. Zachariah was very professional and after he showed me several " before and after " photos. (He has performed over 2000 TUBA procedures). I felt very confident that I had finally come to the right place. He recommended the size I was hoping to get.

Surgery was very quick, and I experienced absolutely no pain. After surgery, intially for the first 3 days I had some discomfort, but I felt very minimal discomfort after taking some pain pills. The discomfort went away by the 5th day. I cannot believe that the operation could be done through a tiny scar that is hidden inside my belly button.

Now I have the figure I always wanted. Dr. Zachariah is a magician! His bedside manners are impeccable.

Best of all, Mumbai is a great place for shopping for clothes . I love the exotic Indian fashions.

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