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Thursday, February 5, 2015

SevenHills Cardiologist Mends 16 Hearts On Valentines Day

Dr Sanjay Rajdev Enters Limca Book Of Records For The Third Time With This Feat For Performing Maximum Number of Heart Angioplasties In A Single Day

Mumbai, February 14, 2015 :It’s celebration time at SevenHills Hospital as well as for Dr Sanjay Rajdev, senior interventional cardiologist at the hospital. Dr Sanjay Rajdev successfully has entered the Limca Book of Records for the third time.
Dr. Sanjay Rajdev, senior interventional cardiologist at SevenHills hospital performed 16 angioplasties with successful outcomes in all cases on February 14, 2014, which is also celebrated as Valentine’s Day across the world. All these procedures were performed in a single working day during routine hours. A total of 27 arteries were intervened with same number of stents implanted. No complications were observed during angioplasties. All patients have been discharged home in good clinical condition.
This feat is an indicator of high volume of cases that are currently being processed at SevenHills hospital. Currently the hospital does over 4500 Angiographies and Angioplasties in a year, of which 1250 are angioplasties and others, are angiographies, making it the largest volume center in the region. The progressively increasing numbers at SevenHills hospital is also a testimony to yet another couple of records that have been acknowledged by the LIMCA Book Of Records. This includes maximum number of total cases of angiograms in a single day and maximum number of angioplasties. These are published in 2014 and 2015 respectively.
Department of Cardiac Sciences is headed by Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgeons          Dr. V. Satyaprasad who has a rich experience of over 20,000 cardiac surgeries during the last 25 years. With well trained doctors who are able to accomplish high patient numbers without compromising on safety, more and more patients are benefiting from the excellent infrastructure of the hospital, well trained staff in the cath lab and an accomplished team of ICU doctors.  The morale of the cath lab team is lifted by round the clock availability of Senior Cardio-thoracic Surgeons and Anesthetists.

Four people die of heart attack every minute in India and the age group is mainly between 30 and 50. Although no accurate estimates of heart attacks are available in India, however it is possible that upwards of 3 million heart attacks could occur in India every year. Today more and more younger age group are getting heart attacks. Significant myocardial salvage can occur if reperfusion can occur within 2 hours of onset of symptoms. Data from India suggests that arrival to a hospital is delayed with a median time of arrival of above 300 minutes. Reduction of this delay requires public education on the early signs of myocardial infarction, which is a substantial challenge given India's low rates of literacy and diverse society.

Every second counts for patients receiving angioplasty, a lifesaving treatment for the most serious types of heart attack, in which a catheter with a small balloon at the tip is inserted and inflated to open a blocked artery. For years widely accepted practice guidelines have recommended getting a heart-attack patient into the cardiac catheterization lab for an angioplasty within 90 minutes of arrival at the hospital. While some hospitals still struggle to meet that standard, the heart attack care through the Adult Cardiology Programme at SevenHills Hospital, Asia’s one of the largest multi-speciality hospital is exceptional, remarkable, fast and time efficient. 

Speaking on this occasion, Dr Ravindra Karanjekar, CEO, SevenHills Hospital said “It’s  extremely proud moment for us at the hospital as we are able to save maximum lives. No doubt our number of procedures have gone up. This has also helped us to improve our speed, work in a more organized fashion and also simultaneously bring down the Door to Balloon time to acceptable international standards. SevenHills Hospital is committed to save maximum lives with quality healthcare.”

Heart attack affects the younger population in recent times & happens due to a wide variety of factors: genetics, sedentary lifestyle, diabetes, hypertension. Mechanisms and facilities to cope with such cardiac cases are limited, even in Mumbai.  This is especially true for weaker sections of the society. SevenHills hospital has been able to fill this vacuum to a large extent.

Dr. Hemalata Arora, Vice President – Medical Services, SevenHills Hospital said “We have a full time model of health care delivery where the doctors are stationed in the hospital premises, providing continuity of care, fast and emergency care as and when needed. The Heart Attack Care at SevenHills Hospital is exceptionally fast and time-efficient. We have specialists who are available round the clock for any patient who is presented with acute myocardial infarction (heart attack). Such patients benefit tremendously from an early angiography and angioplasty.”

Dr Sanjay Rajdev, Senior Interventional Cardiologist, SevenHills Hospital said “With the existing health care models in the city of Mumbai where mostly Visiting consultants run the hospital, it is not always possible for the system to address the heart attack in a time bound fashion. The angioplasty is done but the benefits are lost on account of delaying the procedure.” 

Dr Sanjay Rajdev further said “One of the major health concerns is the occurrence of heart attacks in younger population, causing disability and loss of productive years. Recently, I had performed angioplasty for acute heart attack  on a 31 year old male patient named Karthik. Mr Kartik was rushed to SevenHills hospital emergency department with chest pain of 30 minutes duration. His ECG initially was normal, a few minutes later, it showed massive heart attack. We actually performed the angioplasty procedure in about 5 minutes. This is attributed to well oiled team with dedicated and time tested protocols in place.” Our usual procedure times for acute STEMI situations are around 10 minutes.

Dr Sanjay Rajdev added“Not only are more number of cases being performed, a wide variety of cases are also being done. These include peripheral interventions, removing blocks from the clogged arteries in legs, carotid stenting, special catheters for angulated lesions like the venture catheter, intravascular ultrasound (IVUS), Rotational atherectomy (Rotablator) where calcium in the arteries is drilled using a diamond coated burr.”
Dr Sanjay Rajdev holds the Limca Book of Records/India Book of Records for the fastest heart attack care in the country, primary angioplasty with stenting done in a record door to balloon time of 16 minutes. Dr Sanjay Rajdev is also the Limca Book Record Holder for maximum number of cases in catheterization laboratory processed in a single day, with more therapeutic procedures than diagnostic.

Dr Sanjay Rajdev has been always on the forefront right from his childhood. He has been recipient of numerous awards right from his young age. Madhya Pradesh State Government awarded "Vivek Vir Puraskar" award for exemplary performance in academics during his school age. Dr Rajdev was the second rank holder amongst 150 medical students. Besides he had also won The President’s Gold Medal for overall excellence during the 1991-96 medical school batch. He was also selected as “Emerging Young Leader for Interventional Cardiology” by the Cardiovascular Research Institute at Washington Hospital Center and Cardiovascular Revascularization Therapies (CRT) 2009 and 2011, served as faculty for the CRT 2009 and 2011 at Washington DC, USA. He joined SevenHills Hospital in 2009 and from 2011 to 2015, he has already made new records almost every year. Three times his name has featured in Limca Book of Records and once in the India Book of Records.

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