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Friday, June 24, 2016

Monsoon Body Care Tips

The cloudy sky, the rainy days and nights, the smell of wet soil, the wet and fresh green trees and plants everywhere… We all love to see these sights. What we don’t like, however, are the mud spills; smelly feet; mucky hands, feet and nails; and the overall decline in the quality of our body and health that’s associated with the onset of  the monsoon season.

So how do we deal with these problems and still enjoy this season of freshness and life?

Well, here’s the answer! The below mentioned tips are easy to adopt and will not let the monsoon take a toll on your beauty and health.

Monsoon Skin Care Tips

Humidity and dampness in the monsoon leads to oily skin and pimple and acne breakouts. To maintain the good health of your skin, drink alot of water as this keeps you hydrated and keeps your skin glowing. Use a good-quality soap and a skin moisturizer on a daily basis. Also apply a sunscreen lotion every time you step out, and avoid wearing heavy make-up during this season.

Monsoon Hair Care Tips

Your hair too tends to lose its texture and quality during monsoon, owing to the increased humidity levels and the chemically-high hair products. To maintain healthy hair, use a mild shampoo, wash your hair thoroughly, and indulge more on proteins. You can get proteins from eggs, carrots, nuts, dark green vegetables, kidney beans, milk and other dairy products etc.

Monsoon Foot Care Tips

Humidity, again, leads to sweaty feet, muddy shoes, and other fungal infections. To keep these away, use shoes that offer plenty of ventilation. Keep your feet clean and dry. To avoid smelly feet, soak them for 10 minutes in warm water with bath salts, and use a scrub regularly to get rid of the dead skin. The cleaner your feet and nails, the lesser will they be open to getting smelly and infected to fungal and other such problems.

Follow these basic body care tips and you will be able to enjoy the rains in a way as carefree as you would want it to be. For information and treatment details on other skin care and hair care related problems, consult our experts.

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