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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Remedies To Cure Your Backache

Backache may not be life threatening, but is life debilitating!

Here are some tips to help you cure your backache or lessen it when it begins to get too severe.

When Sitting:
  1. Always use a soft cushion/pillow to support your lower back when you’re sitting.
  2. Use a foot rest when sitting at work. Keeping your knees slightly higher than the hips keeps you comfortable and eases your backache, if any.
  3. Sit straight and avoid too much of forward or backward bending.
  4. Flex your muscles by taking small breaks every 20-30 minutes. Sitting in one posture for too long often leads to backache and body pain.
  5. While getting up, first move a little forward and then rise with an erect back.
When Standing:
  1. Stand erect.
  2. If you have to stand for a long time then rest your legs alternatively on a footstool.
  3. If you’re standing and working, make sure the desk/table is at waist level.
  4. Stretch yourself clockwise, anti-close wise, and backwards at regular intervals to flex your muscles and de-stress the spine.
When Sleeping:
  1. Avoid sleeping on your stomach as it can spoil the curve at the neck and cause back pain. If required, avoid taking the pillow when sleeping so!
  2. When sleeping sideways, bend your knees and the lower body. This will stretch your muscles and relieve you from the pain.
  3. When sleeping on your back, place a pillow under your knees.
  4. Invest in a firm mattress than an extremely soft or extremely hard one. A firm mattress will maintain the spinal curve, thereby keeping backache at bay.
  5. On waking up, turn to one side and then get out of bed rather than jerking your body by rising upfront.
  When Lifting Objects:
  1. When you have to lift any object, bend your knees instead of bending your back. Keep your back straight when you’re doing so.
  2. While holding the object, keep it close to your body and not higher than your chest. Holding it higher than your chest will push your back backward and will cause a back pain.
  3. Stand upright and bend backward a couple of times when you’re done with lifting the object.

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