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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

12 Amazing Facts about Sleep that would leave Wide-eyed !!!!

1. Our brain is much more active at night than during the day. Now we know why all genius people are night owls!!!

2. The higher your IQ, the more you supposedly dream.

3. The average length of most dreams is only 2-3 seconds, barely long enough to register.

4. The colder the room you sleep in, more chances of having nightmares.

5. Fear is said not to be the main emotion in nightmares, instead, it's most often feelings of sadness, guilt, and confusion

6. A person would die quicker from a total lack of sleep than from hunger. Death would occur after ten days without sleep, whereas from hunger it would take several weeks.

7. Naps improve your brain's day to day performance, napping actually helps in solidifying memories and improving performance.

8. 62% of people dream entirely in black and white, people who are born blind experience dreams involving emotion, sound, and smell rather than sight.

9. We can only dream of faces that we have already seen, whether we remember them actively or not.

10. Ideally, falling asleep at night should take you 10-15 minutes. If you fall asleep in less than five minutes, there are high chances that you are sleep deprived

11. Noises at night, especially those in the first and last hours of sleep can disrupt the function of your immune system, even if they don't cause you to wake up.

12. Parasomnia is a sleep disorder that makes you do unnatural movement despite being asleep. People with parasomnia have been accused of committing serious crimes those including violence, molestations, murder, sleep driving!!!

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