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Thursday, April 20, 2017



1     1 All that long awaited summer holidays and late night chatting and you still don’t want to miss that morning walk routine, but be a little cautious!  Do not be over enthusiastic and go for walks at 10 am scorching sun, as it may land you in sun stroke or dehydration. And you don’t want that to ruin your summer holidays.

2     2.Carrying & drinking safe water is the primary rule for any holidays, and if its summers it becomes a must! Do not forget to carry water bottle whenever going for shopping or outdoor activities and avoid drinking unsafe water as gastritis and stomach problems are fairly common.
3    3. Again being over-excited and indulging into favorite fast food may lead to stomach issues. Do not consume excessive oily or fried food as gastritis is fairly common in summer again to avoid all stomach issues.

       4. We all like that little sun tan we can show off post holidays but always remember not to go out in sun unprotected, always  keeps a sun protection cream of minimum SPF 30+.

       5. Sunglasses are must whenever going out, protect your eyes with UV protected sunglasses.

6     6. Continuous long over- exposure to sun may lead to serious sun-burnt; avoid too much direct skin  exposure.

       7I know summers are all about being lazy, but skipping bathing and excessive sweating may land  you into skin fungal    infections.

       8Do not indulge heavily into drinking along with a bad hangover it can also cause serious health damage.

9     9I know breaking rules feels so good! But some sticking to the routine is a must!  Do that regular exercise of yours to make it more fun you can do it as family exercises!

1     10 Kids and their aerated drinks are hard to separate during their summer holidays. But letting kids  over-indulge in    aerated drinks has some serious health implications; instead replace them with    natural refreshing fruit juice.

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