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Friday, May 19, 2017

Keyhole Spine Surgery As Day Care Procedure - The Modern Weapon For Lower Back Pain Relief Which Helps You Go Home The Same Day!

Stitch Less Percutaneous Laser Assisted Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy 
Stitch-Less Percutaneous Laser Assisted Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy is a novel and innovative technique which is done under local anesthesia. It is a day care procedure as the recovery is faster and procedure minimally invasive with least complications. Safety of this procedure is very high as it is done under local anesthesia (on an awake patient). Post operative scar is barely visible/ minimal.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
      1. How is the procedure done?
It is done with specialized instruments and with and endoscope of 5 mm diameter through the 7 mm cannula. Targeted fragment of the bone is removed which is compressing the nerve root inside the body which is required to relieve the symptoms. The laser is used on occasions where the fragment is very hard or bone is also compressing the root.

2    2. Why is it done under local anesthesia?
Doing under local anesthesia is essential because problem causing the site is approached between nerve roots and when we operate near nerves patients perceive the sensations and he or she can guide avoiding any nerve roots damage. If operated under general anesthesia it would not be possible to know the distance from the nerve roots and chances of nerve root injuries can happen as the patient under complete anesthesia could not provide any feedback while the procedure is being performed. Thus this procedure is ideally performed under local anesthesia.  

Patient is awake and responsive during the entire surgery and also helps in guiding the surgery for pain relief

3. What happens on the operation table?
The doctor takes continuous feedback from the patient of his pain status. The patient can himself perceive the relief of pain while operating itself. In a way, it is a patient guided surgery because once the patient is comfortable (relieved of pain) at that point the surgery ends. In this way, we can avoid removing unnecessary healthy disc material.

Endoscopic removal of fragments compressing the nerve root.

4    4. Will it hurt the patients very much during the procedure?
Not at all!  The doctor gives local anesthetics which numbs that part and proceed. Once the scope is inserted patient may have little pain. That time anesthetists will supplement with some analgesics to control pain. And doctors will continuously make the patient comfortable at all steps of the procedure.

5    5. How quick is the patient recovery?
Most of the patients get relief on the operation table itself. They are allowed to take food after 2 hours. They are made to walk after 4 hours. Once they feel comfortable patient can go home on the same day or the next day.

6    6. How big will be the scar and how many stitches will be there?
It is approximately 8 millimeters and it doesn’t require any stitches (stitchless surgery) hence no need of visiting the hospital for stitch removal after the procedure, hence the best cosmetic result.

Minimally invasive procedure with visibly negligible scarring

7. When can the patient join his/her duties back?
Doctors do not advise bed rest post this procedure. But they should be confined to home for one week for proper healing to take place inside. They can resume their normal duties after 15 days.

2    8.  Is there any risk involved with the procedure?
The procedure has high safety index with minimal risk attached to it.

3    9. For what all conditions can this procedure be performed?
 The keyhole spine surgery as day care can be performed for conditions like lumbar disc  prolapse, slip disc, sciatica, lower back pain to name a few.

This revolutionary innovative procedure performed by our highly renowned and skilled neurosurgeon Dr. Srinivas Janga, Consultant Neurosurgeon & Endoscopic Spine Surgeon aims to change the conventional surgical method into a more comprehensive & patient friendly procedure. 


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